Refund policy

Open, honest two-way communication

All refunds are calculated from the date of application. Reimbursement of the unused portion of your membership may be credited to other services in the facility, or refunded to you. Refunds will be provided in full where:

  • A medical condition precludes further participation and a medical certificate is provided.
  • A member relocates residence more than 20km from the facility and provides supporting documentation.
  • The BALC program for which a customer has been enrolled is cancelled.


Processing period

Refunds will be processed as soon as possible. However, refunds may take up to four weeks to be issued.


Non-standard refunds

Refund requests beyond the standard applications should be made in writing to the Centre Manager.



An exchange or refund will be offered when either a fault in workmanship or quality of material is evident. Proof of purchase via register or credit card receipt will be required.