For most adults, exercise is personal and gives us a sense of independence, but with parents and children now looking to be confined to the home for the foreseeable future, it might be time to think of creative ways to stay fit as a family.

Get outdoors – whether it’s an improvised circuit in the backyard or a walk around the block, getting outside will get your family time in the sun. The impact of fresh air and sunshine can’t be underestimated – it’s believed to boost mental health and immunity.

Stay connected – Ask your regular children’s activities if they can deliver virtual classes to keep them active and give them a feeling of social connection. My son is currently doing his regular karate class via Zoom!

Put your kids in control – Get the kids engaged by letting them choose what the family does, it could be as simple as kicking a ball around or playing their favourite game in the yard or lounge room.

Keep a routine – Work regular movement into you daily routine by scheduling family movement time. Just before mealtimes can work well and help everyone to work up an appetite!

Do it even when you don’t feel like it – Research commissioned by Fitness Australia showed Australians who are very active are more likely to be very satisfied with their mental health, compared to those not very active, across all ages. Exercise will make you feel better!

Make sure you get active too – Physical activity and exercise recharges parents, with the same research showing half (52%) of Australian parents believe exercise gives them more energy.