Follow these simple tips and you’ll soon be sweating out your stress in your very own space.

Dedicate time to exercise
For most of us the hardest part about exercise is mustering the motivation to get off the couch and get moving. Scheduling a specific time to train each day will not only shape a regular routine, it will also help manage (and eliminate) any potential distractions.

Choose workouts that work for you
The most effective way to challenge your fitness, build strong lean muscles and improve your health is to follow a scientifically backed workout that has been carefully structured to drive results. Choose a workout from one of our BALC exercise videos or on the LES MILLS On Demand platform and you can be confident it’s been shaped by a team of fitness professionals.

Set yourself up for success
You can create a motivating workout area simply by finding the best place to stream online workouts and keeping any exercise equipment nearby. By keeping any workout equipment organized in a basket or tidy spot you’ll stay motivated, and remove the hassle of getting “set up” every time you think about exercise.

Stay focused
Kids, neighbors, your pets, your phone … they’re all on standby ready to sabotage your exercise. If you want to successfully tick off an at-home workout you need to eliminate potential interferences before they take hold – turn your phone to silent, plan your workout for a time when children or visitors won’t be around to interrupt or another option – get the whole family involved.

Mix it up
The secret to staying on track is to find an activity you love. But doing nothing but your favorite workout will only get you so far. The best results come when you follow a weekly regime that features a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility training. It’s also important to mix up the workouts and keep introducing new activity.