The BALC Gymnastics Annual Display for 2019 is fast approaching. After receiving fantastic constructive feedback from the 2018 display, this year our aim is to enable ALL gymnasts to participate and to also maximise the spectator capacity.

Dates: This year, your gymnasts’ display will take place during their regular gymnastics class time in Week 6 of Term 4 (Monday November 11th to Saturday November 16th). Each class will prepare a display for this particular session and will have the opportunity to perform it for their families and friends.

Venue: BALC Gymnastics Hall.

Spectators: As a result of our new format, there will be no need to allocate or purchase spectator tickets. Gymnasts are welcome to invite whomever they wish to watch their gymnastics display. Like last year, there will be seating available in the gymnastics hall and in the upstairs viewing area.

Theme: Our overarching theme of the display is Inclusion. Throughout the displays, we will be celebrating being ourselves, being ‘happy being me’ and the importance of teamwork and friendship.

Costumes: This year, each day will have a different colour theme, as below. We encourage each gymnast to wear a shirt of that colour to their gymnastics class during Display Week.  This shirt can be one they or a sibling already own, it does not have to be new.

  • Monday: Black, White or both
  • Tuesday: Red
  • Wednesday: Green
  • Thursday: Blue
  • Friday: Yellow
  • Saturday: Orange

RSVP: If your gymnast continues their gymnastics classes into Term 4, we will assume that they will be participating in the Display Week (Week 6) at their Term 4 class day and time. The Display rehearsal will take up only a small part of normal lesson time in the lead up to Display Week.

Please pop Display Week on your calendar or diary – we look forward to a fantastic week of celebration!

If you have any questions, please contact the Gymnastics Team. Please click here for further FAQ’s about Display Week.

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