Pool Hall Flooring Upgrade

This Sunday evening, 8 September 2019, we will begin work on upgrading the flooring out on pool deck. This project will see flooring replaced from the pool hall entrance to the start of the 50m pool and will offer a safer surface for our staff and patrons. 

Works will take place out of hours to ensure minimal impact on our patrons. Temporary flooring surfaces will be in place during this time and we expect no disruptions to our normal programming. We anticipate the upgrade works will take around 4 weeks to complete. 

Further information: 

  • There may be a slight non-toxic odour throughout the pool hall as a result of the flooring works. Extraction fans will be running all night and pool hall courtyard doors will remain open during the works to eliminate the odour
  • Pool temperatures may be slightly cooler due to the inability to cover some pools during the upgrade period. 
  • The frog slide will be removed and unavailable during the upgrade period. 
  • In areas where the flooring works have been completed, the old surface may slightly vary to the new surface. 
  • There may be small amounts of sand in the pools as a result of the flooring works. The sand is non-toxic and will be removed during the pool vacuuming process.  
  • The stainless steel tactile indicators will be removed from the café ramp for a short period of time. 

For a Stage Map and timeline of works, please click here. Stage order subject to change without notice.

We appreciate your patience during this time. 

Steam Room Closure – Update 1

To keep you in the loop regarding our steam room upgrade, we will be providing regular updates throughout the closure period. To date, we have:

– investigated work required
– investigated suitable replacement
– steam room stripped out (no structural damage found)
– tender process will be completed on Tuesday 27 August

We will negotiate with the successful tenderer to confirm a commencement date ASAP. We will provide you with a further update once a timeline has been determined.

Upcoming Pool Closures

Date Facility Event Closed to Public
Saturday 7 September 50m Top 5 Meet 8am – 5pm
Saturday 5 October & Sunday 6 October 50m Water Polo Meet 8am – 5pm
Saturday 12 October 50m Ballarat Special Olympics Meet 11am – 6pm
Sunday 20 October 50m Gold Long Course Event 8am – 5pm
Saturday 26 October 50m Top 5 Meet 8am – 5pm
Sunday 1 December 50m GCO Long Course 8am – 5pm

50m Pool Notice – Monday Water Polo

Due to water polo, the 50m pool will be closed between 7pm – 7:45pm each Monday night.