Play. Roll. Jump. Swing. Flip. Twist.

Gymnastics is a fun way to develop the fundamental motor skills required to progress into other forms of physical activity.

Our programs cater for a range of ages, with levels suitable from 8 weeks of age to adults. Qualified coaches strive to bring out the best in each child by fostering teamwork, building self-confidence and improving coordination.

Crawl Play

New baby? Baby on the move?

Our Crawl Play class will give you the opportunity to bond with your baby in a safe and engaging environment. Parents/carers will be guided through a 45-minute session using a variety of songs, soft shapes, gymnastics equipment and sensory toys.

Suitable from 8 weeks of age through to walking.

Classes start January 29th 2018.

Tuesday 9:00am – 9:45am
Thursday 9:00am – 9:45am

Balance Play

Allowing children to learn about the world around them.

Balance Play encourages babies and toddlers to explore their surroundings, developing physical and cognitive skills, learning social cues along the way.

Suitable for toddlers through to five years, Balance Play is a structured, 45 minute class that assists in developing fundamental motor skills and self-confidence within a social environment.

Monday – Friday 10:00am – 10:45am
Saturday 9:00am – 9:45am

Recreational Programs

Assisting in the development of active children and supporting the dreams of budding gymnasts.

Through a variety of different levels our recreational program provides girls and boys from ages 4yrs to 16yrs the opportunity to improve skills fundamental to their development specific to gymnastics and in other forms of physical activity.

Our recreational program also provides an encouraging and supportive platform for those gymnasts wanting to improve their skills with progression pathways offered if gymnasts are wanting to consider competitive gymnastics.

Monkey See, Monkey Do Program

Roll  |  4yrs – 6yrs

An introduction class teaching children the basic gymnastics skills.

Jump  |  6yrs – 9yrs

Developing the basic skills into performing the core skills of gymnastics, including apparatus.

Swing  |  8yrs – 12 yrs

Developing technique, strength & flexibility in performance of skills.

Rebound  |  8yrs – 16yrs

Focusing on tumbling, vaulting and partner/team skills including shape and strength activities.

Flip  |  12yrs – 16yrs

Mastering the basics and beginning to work on more complicated skills in a social environment.

Twist  |  Up to 16yrs

For competent participants not quite ready for the competitive stream. Continuing to develop strength and flexibility.

Access All Program

A fully inclusive class providing the opportunity for those gymnasts with special needs to learn a range of gymnastics skills based on their ability.  This class also assists those gymnasts preparing to enter the hustle and bustle of the recreational program.

Please contact Customer Service to enquire about this class.

Adult Gymnastics

Increase your flexibility and core strength with a weekly gymnastics class.

A great fitness alternative for adults, an intermediate coach adapts a personal program to help reach the goals of the individual.

Suitable for 16 years and over, adult gymnastics runs each Monday 7pm to 9pm.  Cost: $21.80 per casual class, or free as part of a Gold Membership.

Gymnastics for


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Schools Program

Suitable for primary, secondary and tertiary aged students our Launch Pad approved program is designed to instruct the fundamental body movement through simple gymnastics principles.

The program is delivered through one hour weekly sessions, Monday through Friday between 12pm and 3pm.