Healthy Kids Membership FAQ

Below you will find some more information to help you make the most of your Healthy Kids Membership.

It’s important that your contact details are kept up to date so we can keep you in the loop of any news and events. Changes can be emailed to

Please keep an eye on our communications boards for reminders – located on pool deck and in the gymnastics hall. 

Still have more questions? Please approach a member of the Customer Service Team or phone us on 5334 2499.

Do I need to stay in the Centre during my child’s lesson?

BALC Swim School – If your child is under the age of 10 years, you will be required to stay for the duration of the swimming lesson.

BALC Gymnastics – Children attending gymnastics classes of one hour duration or less, and who are under the age of 10 years must have a parent present in the centre at all times.  Children enrolled in gymnastics classes of two hours duration and who are under the age of 10 years, must be accompanied both into and out of the Centre by a parent or adult guardian.  In this instance, the parent is not required to remain in the centre for the duration of the lesson.

Can I speak with my child’s Teacher/Coach?

BALC Swim School – Each day there is a Teacher in Charge (TIC) that will be present on pool deck during lessons – Check the BALC Swim School communications board to see who the TIC is for that day.  The TIC is the best person to deal with your queries, as swimming teachers are required to supervise children at all times.  Be assured that your concerns and queries will be followed up at the earliest possible convenience.

BALC Gymnastics Hall – We invite you to speak with the coaches either before or after your child’s lesson, regarding any queries or concerns with the program or your child’s progression.  If the coach is unavailable at this time, you are welcome to phone the Gymnastics School to leave a message.  Your child’s coach will return your call at the earliest possible convenience.

My child wants to swap to a different program. What do I need to do?

You may change from Swimming Lessons to Gymnastics or vice versa subject to availability of classes.  Please speak to the Customer Service team who will guide you through the process, and advise of any price differences.  Please note that the change of program will be a permanent move – ie. Movement between programs on an ad hoc basis is not permitted.

What do I do with my child’s membership card?

Your child’s membership card is directed linked to their membership file.  Please produce your membership card when entering the Centre.  This will record your child’s visit and assist us to ensure that your child is correctly enrolled.  The card will also allow access to the Centre at other times (dependent on membership payment type).

Can I take photos of my children while they are in the Centre?

No.  We have a no camera policy within the Centre.  The only time that you are permitted to use a camera within our facility is with BALC management permission, which must be organised in advance.

Do you have family change rooms?

If your children are the same gender as you, you are welcome to use the communal change rooms throughout the Centre.  For the comfort of all patrons, please note that no females of any age are permitted in the male group change rooms and no males of any age are permitted in the female group change rooms.  Family change rooms and private change pods are available for your convenience.

Do I have to enrol my child each term?

All students are now on a Healthy Kids Direct Debit Membership. You do not need to re-enrol for each term.  Healthy Kids Direct Debit members will automatically be enrolled into the same class next term.

My children don’t want to continue with their lessons. How do I cancel their memberships?

Healthy Kids Direct Debit memberships can be cancelled with 14 days written notice.  You may cancel their membership by completing a Cancellation Request form via the Members Area on our website. Please refer to your copy of our Membership Agreement for full details of our terms and conditions.

What happens if my Direct Debit payment is rejected?

Should your payment be dishonoured, we will attempt to contact you by SMS, email, telephone or by mail sent to your last known address. Any outstanding amounts can be paid in person at the Customer Service Desk or via our Member Portal.  Please read the back of your Membership Agreement form for full details.

We are going on holidays. Can we suspend our Healthy Kids Membership payments?

Healthy Kids Memberships may only be suspended in January for a set suspension period at no charge.  Suspensions outside of these dates are available for medical reasons only.

Suspension for Medical Reasons – What do I need to do?

You can apply for a suspension for medical reasons by completing an Online Suspension Application in our Members Area. A valid medical certificate that covers all of the requested dates of suspension must be included at the time of lodgement.

What happens in the School Holidays? Why am I still being charged?

The Healthy Kids Direct Debit membership is designed to spread your payments over a 12 month period.  Hence, there is still a payment deducted during the school holiday period.  To keep the kids happy and occupied during the school holiday period, we will be offering a comprehensive range of activities for your child to enjoy.  Timetables are made available towards the end of each term.  The school holiday activities are free for Direct Debit Healthy Kids Members, however, bookings are still essential.  Please speak to the Customer Service staff for more information.

What happens if I don’t have enough money in my account?

Should your payment be dishonoured, we will attempt to contact you by SMS, email, telephone or by mail sent to your last known address.  Any outstanding amounts are to be paid in person at reception.  Access to our facilities will be denied until outstanding amounts are paid in full.

Do you offer make up lessons?

We don’t offer make up lessons, but as a Healthy Kids member you can come to the pool at any time during the week outside your lesson to practice your skills.

Do I need to be assessed before I enrol myself/my child in swimming lessons?

No. Use our class matching tool to find a class, then view available classes and enrol online. Find the Right Swim Class Now.