Work. Play. Rehab.

Swimming is not only a life skill, but a great way to increase your heart rate whilst decreasing stress on your body.

Our aquatic facilities support lap training for short and long distances as well as recreational and rehabilitative use.

Whether it’s rehabilitation or distance training, we have the facilities to support you.

Lap lanes are available in our 25m and 50m pools.

If you need help to manage a chronic condition or an injury, our Multipurpose Pool will be a valuable addition to your existing therapy.

We also have an electronic pool lift for patrons to access our aquatic facilities if required.

Appropriate swimwear is to be worn at all times when using aquatic facilities. Please ensure babies and toddlers are wearing swim nappies when in our pools. Read our pool rules here.

Learn to Swim Pool

Our Learn to Swim Pool is perfect for the little ones. It features a beach entry, frog slide and our playful tipping buckets.

The Learn to Swim Pool has a depth of 0.2m at beach entry, increasing to 1m at the deepest end and sits between a temperature range of 31-33 degrees.

25m Pool

Our 25m Pool is at a gradual depth of 1m increasing to 1.8m and sits at an average temperature of 27 degrees.

50m Pool

There are many key features of our 50m Pool space, in particular a design allowing for best practice DDA features. The pool itself has ramp access, is a constant depth of 1.85m, an approximate temperature of 27 degrees, and features a 2m movable boom. The boom allows the pool to be divided into two 25m pools when required, or to create a 33m pool for use as a water polo venue.

Multipurpose Pool

The Multipurpose Pool is suitable for a wide range of patrons and is used for a variety of programs and services. In particular, there is a designated space for gentle/rehabilitation exercises in warm water, with a depth of 1.4m and an approximate temperature of 34 degrees.

A ramp divides the pool into two sections with handrails suitable for people with mobility concerns or using a wheelchair. Wheelchairs suitable for water-based use are available or patrons are welcome to bring their own equipment.