Getting back into exercise can be hard, especially if you’ve been out of the game for a while. But there are some simple tips to help you ease back into it… because it’s never to late to start!

Don’t overdo it right away.
Start slow. If you are feeling totally overwhelmed by it all, pick something easy and work your way into it. Start with a brisk walk or a light jog. Or speak to your group fitness instructor or a member from our Health Club team about ways you can ease back into it. Once you start feeling good and seeing results, getting back into healthy habits will be easy.

Commit to just five minutes.
Making a small commitment of just five minutes will feel a lot less daunting than committing to a long workout. Once you are moving you will likely end up going for longer.

Find a friend to keep you motivated.
It’s all too easy to find excuses not to work out if you’ve only got yourself to answer to. Finding a friend to workout with is a great way to boost motivation, hold each other accountable and stick to your routine.

Take a group fitness class.
Recent studies have found that people who took group exercise classes reported less stress and more physical, emotional and mental health benefits than those who exercised alone. Oh and our group fitness class are FUN which is even more reason to grab a copy of our group fitness timetable and try a class for yourself!

Book a Personal Training session
Personal training is the perfect tool for motivation and accountability to help you focus on reaching your goals. Suitable for beginners, our team of Personal Trainers can be matched to your requirements.

Listen to your body.
Chances are your body is going to let you know that it’s working hard, but learn to tell the difference between a good-hurt and a not-so-good-hurt. Our instructors and trainers are here to help in every aspect of your health and wellness journey, so speak to them if you have any concerns.

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