Please see below BALC opening hours and Group Fitness timetable for the upcoming Easter long weekend.

The Children’s Centre will be CLOSED during the below dates.

Term 1 swimming and gymnastics classes finish on Thursday 28 March 2024.

Friday 29 March 
Centre Closed

Saturday 30 March 
BALC Open 8am – 4pm

8:30am – Yoga with Michelle
8:30am – RPM with Sarah 
8:30am – BodyPump with Samantha
8:30am – Deep Water Run with Georgie
9:30am – Barre with Georgie
10:35am – Pilates with Georgie

Sunday 31 March
BALC Open 8am – 4pm

8:30am – FitBox with Zoe 
8:30am – RPM with Gabs
9:30am – BodyPump with Gabs 
9:30am – Barre with Zoe 

Monday 1 April
BALC Open 8am – 4pm

8:30am – Aqua Fit with Cyndi
9:30am – FitBox45 with Mel 
9:30am – Fitball Pilates with Georgie 
9:30am – Aqua Fit with Cyndi 
9:30am – RPM with Teymara 
10:25am – Active Ageing Cycle with Teymara 
10:30am – Deep Water Run with Georgie 
10:35am – Powerbar with Victor
10:35am – Pilates with Andrea 
11:45am – Warm Water Workout with Georgie 
11:45am – Low Impact with Andrea

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