Are you looking for a group fitness class with variety? Something that will keep you motivated and coming back week after week? Well Fit 45 might just be the answer!

Fit 45 (Functional Interval Training for 45 mins) was introduced to our Autumn Timetable to fill a gap in our group fitness classes. Our members and patrons wanted something that would get them results fast – but they also wanted variety and a high intensity workout that improved both cardio fitness and muscular strength and endurance.

Fit 45 is a freestyle class, meaning it could be anything from Tabata training, Circuits, Aerobic and resistance training using a variety of equipment. Fit 45 has been designed to lift your fitness to the next level.

Come and check it out for yourself!

Fit 45 classes run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Check our Autumn timetable for details.

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